Built -1794

Restored- 1984/20??


(January 2002)

I had a friend who asked,  in 1986,  when I thought I would be finished with the restoration.   My reply was: "With MY luck.. the day before I die."  She tried to comfort me by responding: "Not  to worry..... then you'll never die, 'cause you'll never be done!"    She was right.... about the never being done part!

OLD HOUSE RESTORATION....  a mission or a mental illness?


I used to collect antiques until I acquired this LARGE antique and could then no longer afford to purchase small antiques to put in this large antique.

For more visual and  verbal ramblings about this never ending drain on my financial resources come in and look around ... but ....because it's mainly pictures it could be slow ... and....  BE WARNED......... if you really look like you're interested in old houses I might thrust a paint burner in your hands. Thanks for stopping by!


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