The chimney had been rebuilt but the wall needed replastering and the woodwork had not been completely stripped in June 1988 when this picture was taken of the downstairs parlor.


The plastering was done and woodwork almost stripped by Christmas of that year.





 During the summer of 1989,  I painted, restored the graining, evidence of which had turned up during the paint stripping, and purchased wallpaper. As is OFTEN the way,  the paper  I selected looked different as a small sample than it did on the walls.    Friends came over and hung the paper for me.  The sample paper looked  like stripes of peach. With each piece that went up the paper looked less peach and more PINK.  I HATED  it from the beginning, although everyone else seemed to like it.  I couldn't wait for THAT paper to come down.   I would have to wait for a while, however. 


The detail missing from the room was the dentil work.  Previous tenants had removed the dentils around the ceiling molding so the sheets of pine paneling they installed could fit closer to the walls.  I wanted that detail reinstalled, in the worst way!


In January of 2003 my carpenter reinstalled the missing details.  You know how one thing leads to another?  The new wood had to be painted.  It wasn't going to match the 14 year old paint job of the rest of the molding.  So..... the molding got repainted ... but not by me.  Since the molding got repainted the ceiling which was fireplace smoke stained needed and got painted. Since the top molding was getting done all the woodwork should get freshened.  Then of course,  since the woodwork was being repainted,  it was the perfect time to strip off that PINK wallpaper and install something more to my liking.  I quickly chose a new wallpaper, hoping I had not made another wallpaper mistake, staying as far away from pink as I possibly could.  What was amusing, to me at least,  is that it  was the same friend who had hung the first paper  who did so again.  With each strip that went up  I said,  "It's NOT PINK.... I LOVE IT!!!!"  After all of the paper was up  I breathed a sigh of relief.  This paper I actually like.  Then of course I had to redo the floor  'cause it looked the worse for wear .... and then I had to get a rug.  One thing certainly DID lead to another.


Architect's findings based on paint ghosting

The new replication of the dentils

 Interesting  to note,   usually the wood would be above creating the shadow below. This,  however, as the remaining bits of paint  revealed,  has the wood below creating the shadow above.

The Parlor on March 1,  2003