There's Always Something New Going On


April 9, 2007

April  8th, Easter,  was my mother's 91st birthday so on the 9th I had a surprise lunch for her and a few friends I knew she would like to be there.


September 11, 2005

(felt like fall tonight)


 Laura strikes a pose



William explains and Steve listens



Stephen listens intently


Did I just say THAT?



Someone is cold



Someone is VERY cold

August 27, 2005





August 20, 2005





July 20, 2005





August, 2004

Time for a new roof





and what a mess it makes



but it's done

(all except for the clean up in the attic which will wait for cooler weather)



June, 2004

This has been the month for reclapboarding the south wall.  It was time.





and they were reduced to simply a pile of wood




and now...



April  3, 2004

 I played cook and servant  for a group from my church who were the high bidders on an 18th century style dinner as an auction item.  

It took a while to get all the food on the table before the guest came into the room.

I think I used every dish I own.

Food not flowers provide the decoration on an 18th century style dinner table.

The first course was the meat.

The second was the sweets.

Why is getting ready always more fun than the clean up?



SNOW.... SNOW ........SNOW!!!

The winter's first storm

December 6. 2003







The weather was perfect!

When you don't have a front porch light you have to get a bit creative to let children know you are giving out candy.


My father loves to give out the candy.  My mother was just there to keep him company for a few minutes.




We had many more visitors than the past few years!