The two names for this house, Hoar and Hall are based on names on  town maps.  An 1850's  map says Hoar while an 1877 says Hall., so this is known as the Hoar Hall House.

The house was built in 1794 by/for a  William Hoar.  He was a blockmaker. This was not a surprising occupation in a Rhode Island coastal town where boat building and it's ancillary industries were important.


So what's with the name?   Long before I bought the house, I became friendly with a descendent of the first settler of Warren whose maiden name was Hoar.  Marjorie Hoar White, in her 70's when I first met her, had a playful nature and delighted in telling the story of her family name.  Actually she said there were 2 stories that her relatives told and she didn't know which one was true.  She, Marjorie, had relatives who, while related directly and who should have had NO NAME CHANGE, had the last name of Hall.  My house is from that part of the family.  In town records I find  that William Hoar bequeaths this property to  his son, John C. Hall.  The 2 variations of the story go that during the Victorian period one of the sons was to marry and his wife to be demanded he change his name before they married.  As Marjory told it  "She wasn't going to get married and become a Hoar."  The other version Marjorie told was that  "he"  whoever "he" was... I have yet to start doing genealogy on the owners of this house, went away with the last name Hoar and came back with it changed to Hall.   Either way, I find it an amusing story.     

 In the basement of the house, scratched in  the mortar,  much as we sign wet cement on sidewalks today, is the name Wm Hoar.