My favorite holiday?




I can play at being a pyromaniac!




Christmas 2007






Not bad  looking for my 91 year old mother and 90 year old father.




Decorating the tree with paper cuts began years ago.




My mother makes paper ornaments called scherenschnitte, a Swiss German word meaning "scissor cuttings".   Why and how?  For Christmas one year I bought her a book and said, "Would you make me some of these?"  Some Christmas gift I gave her,  wasn't it?

The downstairs was uninhabitable, but it was important to have people over upstairs to feel there was more to life than house restoration every waking moment, and also to feel like I was sharing the house.





I  started hounding my mother to make enough cuttings so that I could  make the tree EVEN MORE of a fire hazard by having an all paper and candle tree.



(Upstairs,  Epiphany, 1985)


(What's an Epiphany party without gag gifts?)


(Looks like someone found the baby in the King's Cake)


Even after I moved down from the upstairs, the downstairs  was a long way from finished.

Finished or not, Christmas came.

(Downstairs Old Kitchen)




(Family friend)


Even before the wallpaper went on, the mantle was fun to decorate

and then much more satisfying when the room looked better!

(Mother branched out into Nativity set paper cuttings)


Here are the ghosts of Christmases past




Christmas breakfast has become a little more festive since the move downstairs.

As for Christmas dinner....... Judge for yourself


Then there was Thanksgiving 2003



But my favorite is STILL