This is, I feel, a typical Rhode Island center chimney colonial house plan even though the house was built during the Federal Period.  It is a common one.  I have been in many other houses locally, both earlier and of this period,  which have the same layout.

The upstairs and downstairs are the same.  I think, the house was built as a 2 family dwelling.  There are bake ovens in both the upstairs and downstairs kitchens.  This suggests that they were planned, at least, to function as 2 independent living spaces.  There is also ghosting evidence of box locks on the upstairs doors while the downstairs ones had bean latches. This ability to lock the upstairs along with the fact that the parlor (i.e.) living room... I never know QUITE what to call that room..... downstairs was "fancied up" with some woodwork changes a bit later leads me to believe that the owners lived downstairs. 

(Sorry some of the typing inside the house plan is difficult to read.)